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Basic Furniture Maintenance Tips

Prevention is the best medicine not just for people but for home furniture as well.  It’s always best to maintain your furniture, which you’ve probably spent thousands of dollars on, in tip-top shape to make it last longer and look as good as the day you first brought it into your home.

Upholstery.  Vacuum it regularly and lightly brush off stubborn dirt.  Keep it off the reach of direct sunlight especially if your furniture is of a dark shade (black, blue, brown, green) as it may cause color fading and fiber degeneration similar to what happens to clothes.  To avoid having to deal with awful stains, try not to drink colored drinks on you upholstered furniture and be wary of dyes from clothing that could easily stain light-colored upholstery.  Likewise, protect it against your pets because pet urine and body oil are the most difficult stains to remove.  Once you notice snags and loose threads, sew them back in to prevent further damage.

Leather.  This material is relatively high-maintenance.  Keep it dust-free by wiping it with dry cloth every week.  Never use water on leather because it will cause it to dry up and crimple fast.  The same thing happens when leather is exposed to heat sources such as radiators so place the former away from them.  Also avoid smoke from cigarettes and other sources which can cause fading and discoloring to leather.  Put your scissors, cutters, and knives away from your leather furniture to avoid cuts that permanently and irreversibly damage it.  Maintain your leather’s polished look by applying leather cleaner to it at least twice a year and retain its suppleness by using leather protector as often as you can.

Wood.  Wooden furniture are the most susceptible to physical damage.  Avoid hitting it with other objects and placing abrasive items like grocery bags and ash trays as these will cause dents and scratches.  As you may probably have known already, placing extremely hot objects such as pans removed from the oven and hot plates on top of finished surface can darken the finish.  Wet and cold items, on the other hand such as a glass of iced water can lighten finished surfaces.  So use coasters, hot pads, and other forms of protection when placing objects on top of wood.  Wipe spills as soon as you can as it may result to serious discoloring.  Meanwhile, pacing wood in a room with humidity that’s too high or too low may cause deformation.  For maximum protections, always dust off and polish your wooden furniture.

Furniture Fairs: a Rough Guide To Saving on Items

Furniture fairs are a great way to get good prices on a wonderful assortment of furnishings for your home or for your office. Although these events don’t happen too often, once you chance upon one, you should take every opportunity to comb them for items you might want. This is a great thing for those that are on a tight budget and are still on the hunt for something that is avant garde yet affordable.

Here are a few tips on visiting these fairs.

1. Hitting the Fair – you will have to keep a ready eye and a fidgety ear to the ground to get the latest rumblings on where a fair is to be staged. Look up local newspapers and classified ads to see where these events are taking place. Furthermore, you will have to check out which brands will be showcasing their wares there. This will help you determine whether the items you salivate after will be making an appearance there.

When you have marked a fair for visit and you totally decide to take home an item or two, make sure you have the transportation to do so. Not all fairs have delivery service, so you may need to hop on a friend’s pickup to get there.

2. Scour the place – the good thing about fairs is that there is so much to choose from. If possible, don’t stand star struck at the first store you see and buy everything in sight.  Look around and ask about prices. Take careful note of all the items you like and compare prices and quality. With so many items to choose from, you will likely have you hands full with this task. However, this is better than giving up and buying the first item you see. It is better to work yourself dry rather than finding out that the chair you bought is twice as expensive as one found in another stall.

3. Seek discounts – it will be possible for you to get a good discount on some of the items for sale. This is especially true if you are buying in bulk. If you really are interested in buying in bulk, let the manager know, he will typically be willing to give discounts here and there. Most fairs feature the items that have been discounted as to make them doubly attractive in events like this. If you can’t get a good price for the item you want, keep on searching around. You may get a second offer that is cheaper and easier on the eyes than most.

4. Check Quality – Before taking an item home, check the items for damage and tear. You’ll be better for it. Good luck!

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